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Happy happy Friday! I am super pumped for a weekend full of nothing, after a very strange-feeling week. Monday felt like Wednesday, Tuesday felt like Friday, and Thursday felt like Tuesday… notttt really my favorite thing. I am starting off this weekend right with a few of my favorite things du jour.

Game of Thrones


The Iron Throne / source

110% stoked for the return of Game of Thrones, aka best show ever aka THANK YOU Greg for forcing me to actually watch this. He got me to read the first novel around when we first met (almost a year ago, holy muffins!), but I wasn’t super interested in starting book two or watching the show after toughing out the first one. I just wasn’t feeling it. Greg totally loves the show, and wanted to bring me up to speed so we could watch season four together. We blew through all of seasons 1-3 in what… maybe two weeks? Now I’m both grateful and disappointed that we can no longer have GoT bingewatching sessions.

Yolk, White & Associates

If you’re located in/nearby downtown Tampa, this food truck is definitely worth a visit. My coworker Scott told me about it and I am a firm believer in the deliciousness of breakfast, BUT I am lazy and would rather sleep for an extra 20 minutes instead of scrambling eggs in the morning, so obviously I had to go visit myself. The egg truck is open Mondays through Fridays till 11 am and is basically my new favorite thing. The only better thing than yummy breakfast is somebody else making you yummy breakfast. I’ve tried only the omelettes so far, which are delicious and come with grits (so do the frittatas). I’ve never had a frittata – to be honest, not really sure what they are except that they contain eggs – so that is next on my to-try list.

Finance Focus

If you’re super-cool and following my blog down to the minute (ha!), you’ll notice that I’m going to dedicate a portion of my blog to addressing personal finance. I’m super pumped about this! It’s something that I’m really passionate about and am so excited to start discussing it.


Piggy BankAs a new grad/entry-level worker, I’ve come to realize something:

I don’t want to work forever.

I’m extremely lucky to say that I like my job. I really do. There are some days when I dread going in to work, but that is really and truly not very often. But even though I like it, it’s not my passion.

Financial independence can mean a lot of different things. To me, it means that I work because I want to, not because I need to. I want to live within my means and not have to work paycheck to paycheck, and to be able to retire early. Therefore: I’m going to dedicate a part of my blog to recording my journey to financial independence!

Obviously, I’m no kind of professional on this (finance degree != qualified to dispense infallible financial advice. Fun fact: a finance degree focuses almost exclusively on corporate finance, aka leveraging debt and equity, etc. There was basically no focus on anything personal finance related, at least at my school.), so all of these finance posts are opinion only, and not to be taken as solid financial advice, blah blah blah. But stick around! I think personal finance is a very important and under-discussed topic that everyone needs to consider.


Maxi Dresses
Left to Right:
H&M, Lulu’s, Forever 21

Maxis, where have you been all my life??

I am not a fan of wearing pants. Ever. I used to wear nothing but jeans, but now I try to wear anything but — skirts or dresses only to work, and shorts/leggings/pajamas/no pants if I’m at home. I was hesitant to wear maxi skirts at first, as I am pretty self-conscious and not big on being super-trendy, but I caved and now I may just never wear pants again. No joke, these are the comfiest things ever and I need to buy eleventy billion more. They are way cuter than wearing cutoffs (my standard look) and far comfier. My favorites are the ones with fun summer patterns!

Do you love maxi dresses/skirts? Where can I find other fun ones?


I am a Pinterest recipe hoarder. I admit it. Back in the day, I mocked Pinterest for being cheesy DIY and slow cooker worship central, and refused to be sucked in. Welp, I’ve since become sucked in (I blame my post-graduation schedule for this) but I am still firmly defending my original position. (Confession: I am now also a big fan of my slow cooker, but that is a story for another post.)

Anyhow. The latest craze in Pinterest-land seems to be cookie butter. As far as I can tell, it’s crumbled cookies mixed with some sort of fat to make a spread semi-reminiscent of peanut butter, if peanut butter had like negative nutritional value.

It does look delicious though.

Oreo Butter

Anyonita Nibbles: Oreo Butter

In my fun adventures on the Internet, I stumbled across a slideshow of cookie butter recipes, and one of the recipes had a suggestion to bake the aforementioned cookie butter into… cookies, of all things. My mind is blown. And not in a good way. It’s like cookie inception! You’re back to square one!

Personal logical conflicts aside, obviously I will try cookie butter, because hello, it’s food, and that is basically my favorite subject. I am going to chalk this up to another “Pinterest doesn’t really make sense” and just leave it at that.

Starting the weekend off right with #backthatazzup Friday!


I’ve lived in Florida my whole life. Growing up, I hated it — sweltering hot summers, extremely weird news stories slash neighbors, Christmases in shorts. (I’m a Miami native.) When I was in my last semester at UF, I was applying to jobs anywhere and everywhere in the US, hoping to move out of my home state. I didn’t end up moving out of state, only to Tampa. Which is kind of the same thing, right? Er… sure.

Sometime between graduation and now, I’ve realized that I love Florida. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s midway through March and like half the country is still knee-deep in snow and yuck, or the fact that my boyfriend is a big fan of our AC unit and I spent the winter either being cold outside or being cold inside because I am apparently a lizard. Or something. Either way, Florida is home and I embrace the weirdness.

This past weekend was beautiful, and Greg and I decided to celebrate the sunshine by taking our pups to the dog park close by our apartment. It’s a combination dog park and dog beach, which are both pretty nice, but not as nice as the dog park by Greg’s old condo (which is an unfortunate 40 minutes away). We originally planned to only go to the park and skip the beach, but Sancho decided he was having none of that and took matters into his own hands.

Dirty Sancho

The happiest pup!

Greg and Sancho

photo (7)

As a sun-spoiled Floridian, I feel it is my duty to complain about the weather every time it is less than perfect, aka now. I like the summer storms, where one minute the sun is shining like it will never rain again, then BOOM THUNDERSTORM for approximately 4.17 minutes, and then back to fierce sunshine. Today has been dreary and drizzly and gray and it’s one of those days where you can tell you probably will not see any sun until tomorrow (I think). These photos are a PSA that consistent better weather is just around the corner. Even for the snow-drenched north aka everywhere else but here. At least, we can hope!

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